Visiting Places of Worship

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As part of our “sorting out” phase in our Unit of Inquiry into “What we believe is part of who we are”, Grades 3 and 4 went on an exploration to different places of worship.  The main learning intention was for students to be able to make connections between different religions as well as to experience the beauty of these buildings.

Beginning in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the students were given a short presentation and tour.  We were awed by the splendor of the stained-glass windows and surprised to find out the walls are made of coconut husks, flour and eggs!

Next stop was the Hindu temple of Sri Mariamman.  Arriving in China Town during the middle of the New Year celebrations was a sight in itself, but our timing to the temple was perfect as we were lucky enough to see a short prayer ceremony.  This involved drums and wind instruments being played, chanting and bells being rung.  The students then had time to sketch some of the sculptures they could see around them.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was our final stop for the day. We were amazed by the sheer size and magnificence of the building.  We peacefully strolled around and spun the prayer wheel in the roof-top garden.